What are some jobs involving human anatomy?

I’m a senior in high school exploring my job options /majors and my human anatomy class has sparked some interest.

What are some jobs that involve human anatomy?
Do you have any experience or tips for going into this field?

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  • Emily

    Human anatomy is known as physiology at most universities.

    Some examples are at http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_careers_use_anatomy_and_physiology

    Some tips: Study chemistry and physics. Even if you hate them. I did chemistry and didn’t do biology or physics and struggled a lot. I managed but I would have had it a lot easier if I did the other sciences.

    A lot of biology is directly applied chemistry (biochemistry) and some of biology is biophysics (like enzyme thermodynamics etc).

    Minimise the amount of interest papers. Plan your degree carefully to make sure you graduate on time. Most people I know don’t do that and some are not graduating on time because they took the wrong courses or didn’t calculate their points properly.

    Take online and/or 2-week summer papers. They will help substantially in reducing workload and getting ahead of other students.

  • Most jobs involving health care require a knowledge of human anatomy. The includes medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, sports medicine, biomechanics expert, and of course teaching positions.

    I have a degree in biochemistry and physiology and worked in both research and teaching jobs.

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