What are some of the best supplements for rapid muscle growth?

Me: of young age, 240(lbs), 6”(ft.), 4 years lifting experience, Strong in biology and human anatomy.

I’ve stayed consistent and have tried many supplements but can’t seem to find a supplement that works as advertised. I need a supplement that is legal and works similarly to a steroid with the effectiveness like the pro hormones available a few years ago. I wish to go pro in a few years and steroids doesn’t seem to be out of sight yet. Do any experienced lifters here know of anything (extra) that can give me an excessive edge?

Note: I have been lifting for years and yes I know all about protein and creatine. Please don’t give me a paragraph on why I shouldn’t consider taking steroids, I know what they do to your body and cells to a microscopic level. I don’t care for side affects I will always thoroughly research it before I consume. Yes, I can work a needle injectable supplements that are legal are fine.

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  • Hey fella.
    Far be it from me to tell ya not to take steroids.
    Nothing wrong with them if done right.
    I assume you've tried HGH??
    There's a particular thing you could try if you can find it but it effects your sleep and dreams..ZMA is the name.
    Do some research on it on Google first of course in case you don't need it or whatever.
    Good luck with your training my friend 🙂

  • Whole natural foods!

  • Crocoduck

    1. lots of protein
    2. creatine
    3. DHEA

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