What are the basic ways of drawing human anatomy suchas a full body?

I’m trying to draw human figures to include them in my scenary art I made but it’s become a hard task and it’s starting to become a nuisance to me now.

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  • Risie★Roo


    this is the closest to how i draw my basic underlying sketch, the only difference is that i don’t use triangles, i do a line for the shoulder, and a basic shape for the ribcage and a line for the hips. but which ever way is comfortable for you.

    the circles idea is kinda crap because it doesn’t help with the proportions and contortions of the body, which is hence why i include where the ribcage is in my sketches, so that i can tell how the body is going to be shaped.


    this is alittle closer to how mine look, as you can see, if you draw the ‘skeleton’ right the rest of the body’s shape will come with ease. it takes alittle practice to adapt and draw many poses, but they only take a few minutes to draw, and you can pop them out all over the place as practice.

    good luck and hope i helped.

  • Ryan Taylor

    small circles or ovals

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