What bachelors degree should I pursue to become a doctor of internal medicine?

I want to become an Internist, but I can’t find like a list or ideas of degrees I could get in four years and then continue to med school. And I love human anatomy………….

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  • oohitskevin

    You can major in anything as long as you take the med school pre-reqs (usually Gen chem, biology, organic chem, physics, calculus). Science majors, especially if you like science, will probably help you out in the long run. Try chemistry, biology, zoology, biomedical science, physiology, etc…

  • Arbitrary Person

    Biochemistry or biology?

  • CITIZEN of the WORLD

    biology or pre-med (if your school provides it).

  • Set yourself apart. A Math Major and/or Economics is a great suggestion.
    With a Math Major you have a lot of electives available. Take the premed as electives. With a math major you are setting yourself apart from the Bio-Chem bunch. Shoot for a 3.5 or better and your virtually guaranteed a spot.

  • sippigrrrl

    My husband got his BA in micro biology before he went to med school.

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