What basic education for psychiatry major?

I am a junior in high school, and home schooled. I want to go into juvenile psychiatry, but I have no idea what classes I should start with.
I have already taken chemistry, biology, and human anatomy as a start for sciences. But what other classes could I take in high school or at a community college? I want to get as much as I can out of the way before I go on to a four-year.

Also, what might be a good minor to go with a major in psychiatry?

Your advice is much appreciated!
I am very interested in learning about things like learning disorders (ADHD, dyslexia, ADD) and more physically taxing issues (Cerebral palsy, brain damage) or even issues like juvenile diabetes, eating disorders and body dysmorphia
Maybe this might help you with helping me out?

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  • Tywin Lannister

    It sounds to me like you want to be a psychologist, which is different from a psychiatrist. You’ll need at least a phd in psychology to have any realistic shot at having a job in the field. If I am mistaken and you do want to be a psychiatrist, you need to graduate medical school and complete residency and a fellowship in psychiatry. Now, juvenile diabetes would be covered by an endocrinologist, although some pediatricians think they can handle it by themselves… but that’s another story.

  • Diane A

    YOu don’t major in psychiatry; that is a MD and requires all the general pre med classes which your uniersity will list out for you. To be competitive for med school you need to take all your science (except may be a very basic class) at the university; so in the CC, you will take your gen ed classes. To actually be involved in some of the things you list, you would not be a psychiatrist, those cover peds endocrinology, peds neurology, etc). But in reality, picking a residency before you get into med school is just not very realistic. In university you can major in anything but you must take the pre reqs for med school. The usual ones are bio chem, bio, chem, med engineering etc.

  • You may also be interested in the field of school counseling, school psychology, or social work.

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