What books would you recommend for drawing the Human Anatomy?

Ok so its the end of the school year for me and I want to become a concept artist , to which I did a year of art classes and I am doing much more for my senor year. Even lookingi nto art colleges but anyways I was a pretty good drawer, I wasnt the top artist in my 2D art class but I was mabey around trhe top 5 or 10.

But back onto topic I really want to learn more about drawing the Human antaomy, because I was unable to find any art classes during summer break I am looking towards books to fill in that knowledge (I know learing by teacher is much better then books but I’m stuck in this stump). And the book I have now is Drawing from Within by Michk Meglin.
And here are the other books I am interested in.

I was hopping if there are any artist out there that could help reccomend a book to me. I want to be able to find a book which can teach me the right things or atleast get me a good idea on what to do. I know reading art books isnt going to be the same affect as taking an art class but atleast during summer I wil be doing something to imrpove.

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  • pencilnbrush

    by anatomy.. do you mean the figure?… or the actual anatomy(orgons, bones.etc) ?
    if you are meaning the figure drawing sort… or even actual anatomy.. barnes and noble has quite a few books in the art section that could help you. if you want books of nude models they have it. i have several in my collection that i used to develop my drawing what i see, not, what i know skills. helps to develop your shading skills if you get the ones printed in b&w as well
    good luck! hope i could help

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