What can I do in high school to enter medical school?

I intend to go to a good (GOOD) medical school. Besides good grades, honors and ap classes, what should I do? I was thinking that taking human anatomy and medical assistant 1 in my junior and medical assistant 2 in my senior year… What extra carricular things will be useful?? Thanks for the help 🙂

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  • I want to get into a med school too! I’ve volunteered about 60 hours so far at my local hospital and 20 hours at a nursing home, so volunteering at places that are related to the health field. Also, if you’re school has a Red Cross Club or some health awareness club, then join it! It’s great that your school has classes such as medical assistant, so join it! You should emphasize on your science classes, so take human anatomy along with another science course if you’re school allows it. I’m currently doubling on two science courses right now, AP bio and physiology (sophmore too!). This probably a bit of a stretch, but maybe you should trying learning latin? Or at least latin medical terms, it’ll show colleges how ambitious and dedicated you are. Also, learning foreign languages like Spanish helps too since it shows you can communicate with a diversity of people. And as always, try to take the most challenging classes available at your school! Good luck 🙂

  • Jennifer H

    The only thing you can do in high school that has anything to do with med school is get good grades in whatever classes you take so you can get accepted to a good college. Med school will not even look at anything you did in high school…they will only look at what you did while you were getting your undergrad.

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