What class should I take in high school to get into college?

I’m a junior and want to know if I should take human anatomy and physiology or chemistry honors? Which would a college would want to see? Thank you

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  • Aizell K

    I took both in high school and I got into a lot of great colleges. I think you should too. This is what I took my last two years of high school.


    Pre-Calculus Honors
    AP Biology
    AP US History
    AP English Language and Composition
    Honors Chemistry
    Newspaper (took it twice)


    AP Calculus AB (school did not offer BC until the following year…)
    AP Gov’t/Econ
    AP English Literature
    Anatomy and Physiology
    Spanish 3 Honors
    Digital Arts Media (needed a visual art)
    Keyboarding (I took practically everything else)

  • Naruto

    It depends on your ability or talent if you are most comfortable with human anatomy, or you have a better knowledge about physiology and if you are interested with chemistry honors..
    It depends on your ability especially on your budget..

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