What classes do I need to take for nursing?

I’m going to be taking pre-reqs at community college so I can get it over first. I was wondering what classes do I need to take for nursing? I know the classes are set for nursing since I think all nurses have to take the same classes anyways? I know some of the classes are Human Anatomy/Physiology (which I took this year in high school) and microbiology? What other classes are there? Also, will I be able to transfer to a Cal State within 1 year? I was thinking of going to Cal State Long Beach.

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    You take whatever nursing classes your nursing program requires of you. You have to go through a separate application process to get into a nursing program, you can’t just register for nursing courses on your own, and the program will dictate exactly what you need to take and what sequence to take them in.

    All programs are structured slightly different, so you won’t see the same course titles from school to school. And each program also has it’s own pre-requisites too, so you kind of need to have an idea of where you’re going and what this program requires so you aren’t wasting time taking things you don’t need.

    If you want to go to Cal State’s program, you need to plan ahead. See if you can speak with an admissions rep there, and get their list of admissions requirements to the nursing program, and start there. Make sure if you’re taking courses at other schools that Cal State will accept them in transfer. . . because they might not and then you’ll end up taking similar courses over again.

    The most common pre-reqs will include intro college level biology with lab, intro chemistry with lab, anatomy & physiology (your high school courses won’t count unless certain circumstances like you took a full-year long AP course, and even then it might not be acceptable as college credit), microbiology, and possibly a few others. Other general education courses which will be required but not necessarily as a pre-req to be completed ahead of time might include English Composition, Psychology and Developmental Psychology, Nutrition, Ethics, Speech/communication, and other liberal arts / elective courses.

    You don’t have to navigate this process by yourself. . . use the colleges’ academic advisers to help you course plan to reach your goals.

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