What classes in high school can help me become a doctor?

i took biology,Chemistry Honors,Honors Physics, AP Human anatomy and AP psychology over the summer.

my parents are both doctors and they let me volunteer in their workplace. they came from another country so i do not know what classes i should take.


p.s. surgery is cool!

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  • IdahoVandalCowGirl

    Any math or science courses will help prepare you for college level courses. Biology and Chemistry should be onces to focus on, it sounds like you are already headed in the right direction.

  • Chanel Hottie

    Lots of Science and Math classes. Also, sociology and Latin

  • i_come_from_under_the_hill

    If I were you, I’d go with the following. Always go for Honors or AP classes whenever possible.

    For science
    -Biology 1
    -Biology 2
    -Anatomy if it’s offered

    For math, take all your usual math courses and do well as a strong ability in math will help you in sience.

    For English, take all your usual english courses, AP if possible to get that college credit out of the way, and try to become an avid reader as you’ll be doing A LOT of reading in med school and as a doctor.

    For social studies, take your usual history and government courses (whatever is required), but also see about taking an elective course in Psychology or Child Development.

    Take Health for sure as an elective along with any science electives offered. Also look in to a Career Education class, or a period that you can spend as an aid for the school nurse. This will be a big help. Technology electives will be a big help as well since medical technology is advancing so rapidly and doctors will likely become more and more involved with computers.

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