What classes should I take to become a Biochemist/Pharmacist?

Im a freshmen in high school and I will be entering as a sophmore in the fall. I will be going to contra costa community college this summer to take classes. I have narrowed most of my choices. And I cant decide which classes to take. I can choose between- Human Anatomy, Nutrition, Psychology, and Nursing. Please help me choose my classes! The dead line is coming up! Im also open to any suggestions tips and advice please any info would b fantastic.

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  • Betty

    You will need to study Human Anatomy and Physiology (that’s a given). Other than that (from your options) Nutrition or Nursing could be useful. Also, for a biochemist/pharmacist career, you will need to study chemistry too. See if you can get classes in this subject.

  • I would say probably human anatomy and nursing

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