What classes should i take to get into a pre med college?

i want to go to a pre med college like UCLA, Tufts, Duke, UC Berkeley etc…..i was just wondering what classes i should take in highschool. I am a freshmen and i will have completed geometry algebra 1,2 pre-cal and calc, physics, apbio, ap chem human anatomy etc….what other classes or clubs should i take

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  • Atelophobe

    Believe it or not, you really only have graduate from high school to get into the premed program at most colleges, provided you get accepted to the college. Even a college esteemed for its premed program will allow just about anyone go through their premed program, because its not really a program. All you have to do is take a number of classes which do not require prerequisites. If you’re a freshman and you want to get into the premed track, you’ll probably get maneuvered your way into them, regardless of how full they are, so don’t worry about getting in.

    Here’s the hard part, and here’s how those colleges get their esteemed premed reputation: getting out. Most of the time, colleges with those really impressive 90+% medical school acceptance rates have a very rigorous premed program and only the brightest and most hard-working finish the program. Luckily, there’s some things you can do in high school to prepare yourself. You’re already planning on taking all the right classes, but especially make sure you go through with AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, and AP biology. You’ll find those classes will put you at an advantage during freshman gen chem and biology, partly because you always learn better the second time you’ve heard something, and partly because you don’t want to mess up in chemistry because you got stuck on the math. We never had human anatomy at my school, but it seems like it would be incredibly helpful as well. Some AP English classes would certainly not hurt you; even lab write ups sound better with some flowery language.

    As for clubs/volunteering/athletics, those will help you get into the school of your choice and get a hefty scholarship, but they won’t really help you in your classes. After you enter college, the chance that you will ever mention those on your resume again are slim.

    I hope that helped. Good Luck!

  • Girls Just Wanna have Fun

    LOTs of science ( talk to a school counselor) and its a good idea to volunteer in a hospital ER and/or at a Veterans hospital. That is what my son in law and grand son have done. My son in law is now in his third year med school at UC Davis. Hard work, but so worth it.

  • shine on me...

    In your sciences, focus on Anatomy, Bio, and Chem. And get as far as you can in math.

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