What college classes should I take along with an EKG certification?

I am wanting to start college in the fall and I know that I would like to take the EKG certification course my college offers, however I will not be able to afford if for another 6 months. In the meantime while I save up money I’d like to take classes that benefit me and as well look good on an application when I do graduate. What classes do you think I should take? Of course human anatomy and physiology, I would like to begin taking some Spanish classes as well, speech? I don’t know 🙁 I don’t have much parental guidance here. Any feedback would be great! Especially if you’re in the medical field

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  • jpturboprop

    College biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and College English are good places to start. You need to obtain a sampling of what is out there, unless, of course, you are already well rounded and absolutely certain you want nothing more from life than to be an EKG tech. (after the thousandth EKG, you may start to wonder why you chose this field…) I would also recommend history, philosophy, art appreciation, and some sort of music course. Good luck!

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