What could i do in the medical field?

My question is what type of career in the medical field should i choose?i have a mild learning difference .and im very hard on my self and i have a high school diploma also.i REALLY love human anatomy ,one of my other talents is i can draw medical devices like otoscope,stethoscope,iv bags,blood bags,iv poles,human body,oxygen mask &ambu masks,Iv set up tubing,foley cath,syringe,human heart,blood pressure cuffs(all sizes),pulse ox monitor ,cardiac montor (with ECG waves).i remember medical words and meanings and i know alot of human anatomy terms too which I love talking about human anatomy all the time(people hate that).i see this stuff i my brain because my father died of canser when i was nine and i has around a lot of this stuff in hospitals.im a good people person ,caring,loving,understanding,listens to people.i want to get it to something i would enjoy other than choosing Medical doctor or RN or paramedic any ideas ?please kind words also!

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  • Stephanie

    Ah so you have love for the medical arts too eh? It runs in my family (I am a CNA my dad is a family practice doctor and my uncle is a retired surgeon. I have a few cousins who are RNs and my mom used to be a RN. My question to you is how much dedication to schooling are you willing to go into the medical field?

    To be a Certified Nurses Assistant, a Certified Medical Assistant, or Phlebotomist it will be less than one year in college (to be a CNA I took classes from October to December including clinicals and that was all I needed). You can become a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practicing Nurse with 2-year or 4-year nursing degrees. You can become a Physicians Assistant in 6 years. A Nurse Practitioner is 8 years and to become a doctor, it’s 8-11 years (4 college, 4 med school, 3+ residency). The years to be a doctor vary on the type of doctor you wish to be. Example my father is a Family Practice Physician he took about 8 years to become one, because it is a general practice but say a person going into neurology might need more schooling because they are specializing in a specific field. Right now I’m a CNA and for now that works, but when I am able I plan to go back to school to work my way up the medical ladder to become a Speech Pathologist. Good luck!

  • Since you are able, and like to draw medical devices I would suggest getting a bachelors degree in Biomedical Engineering. You could work for a Biomedical Engineering firm and design new devices used for medical purposes.

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