what could possibly be wrong if you have stone under the breast area of a woman?

My mom felt a stone under her chest and it worries me. she doesn’t feel any pain but the mere fact that there is a stone really bothers me more than her. it is near the liver and transverse thoracic muscle, as i saw in the picture of a human anatomy…pls answer..thank you.

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  • Tam miaow

    has she told the doctor? a scan or x-ray will give you a medical result , if are you happy with the feedback from the dr.or specialist there we are , if not book an appointment with your mums family dr and ask her to come too to have a more detailed chat to put your mind at rest put i woul pusue if your not happy .tell your mum it willmake you feel better than not doing n.e thing she can say i told u so wen there is nothing to worry bout after results ,tyr not to read tomany medical books they are scary , they will have u thinking she got rigamortice +pregnant by the time u read all that,,

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