• You could have a major in Biology and study Anatomy as part of that degree. Anatomy is usually a two-part class along with Physiology (A&P 1, A&P 2) that builds the framework for further study in majors like Biology, Microbiology, Health Science, Nursing or Medicine.

    Also, if you want to study oceanography or marine biology, it all starts with a class or degree in Biology. Standalone degrees in Anatomical Sciences do exist but the norm is to usually study Anatomy as part of a larger, more specialist program (e.g., Cell Biology, Neurobiology, and Anatomy).

  • Human anatomy is possibly a class that you could take in college. It’s certainly not a major or career. If you’re interested in anatomy, you may want to look at careers in the health field.

  • Boston University has a BS in Human Physiology but it’s more common to major in Biology or Human Biology and study Anatomy & Physiology as part of it. Same goes for Marine Biology or Oceanography. It all starts from fundamental or foundation courses that are classes in themselves.

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