What happens when there is a drop in blood sugar?

I have a human anatomy test and was wondering what happens when there is a drop in blood sugar. And what kind of control mechanism would be used for it (positive or negative)

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  • allie.

    shakey, sleepy, but cant fall asleep, feel drunk, blurred vision sometimes.

  • Sassy S

    I usually get weak, clammy, shakey, and sometimes pass out. At that point I need some type of sugar (orange juice, mint candies) and it helps control those symptoms.

  • jooni

    a drop in blood sugar is called hypoglycemia and symptoms usually include hunger, shakiness, dizziness, sweating, sleepy, nervousness. Control mechanism is getting some glucose asap such as just taking glucose tablets, 1/2 cup of juice, soda (non-diet), or some hard candy like life savers. You can help prevent it by eating smaller more frequent meals throughout the day

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