What high school classes should I take to become a pharmacist?

I’m in 9th grade and I’ve already planned out what math and science classes to take for my 8 semesters in high school.

Algebra 1
Honors Algebra 2
Honors Earth/Environmental Science

Honors Geometry
Honors Biology
Honors Chemistry
AP Psychology

Honors Pre-Calculus
AP Environmental Science

AP Calculus
Honors Physics
Honors Human Anatomy & Physiology

Are these classes good to be a pharmacist? What other classes should I take?

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  • David

    It really doesn’t matter too much as long as you are able to get into a decent college to do chemistry or something along those lines.

    In terms of subjects chemistry is by far the most important one, but it starts pretty much from scratch when you’re in college for your pre-pharmacy years.

  • Ask your guidance counselor.

  • kaliesq

    Yes, those are good classes. You will be required to take English each year, at least two years of a foreign language, some social studies, some history, some PE. That just about fills up your dance card.

  • Jasmine

    no need to overload yourself! enjoy being young, take AP chem if possible and drop anatomy. not needed

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