What High School Courses to Take for Colleges?

I have a question regarding which classes would benefit me for higher-ranked colleges? I am planning to major in Sciences as I want to be in the medical field when I grow up. At my high school, they have a Medical Science Academy, where they have specific electives and courses that each student enrolled in that program is required to take. I am skeptical at whether I am at a disadvantage to colleges due to the nature of these courses. These classes limit my ability to take AP electives that regular students who are not in this program are eligible to take.

In freshmen year, they require you to take an Honors Science 2.0 Class
Sophmore Year – Honors Neuroscience & Genetics,
Junior Year – Honors Human Anatomy & physiology,
Senior Year – Honors Pathology, Honors Forensic Science, and Honors Sports Medicine & Athletic Injury
All these classes are required electives for the students in this program. Although these classes are "Honors", they are given a 20% AP weight.
My main concern is whether colleges would prefer these courses or all the other AP courses that are out there for students. I feel as if these classes would put me at a disadvantage for Ivy League or Top Colleges out there.
Electives that would be available for me to take without this program would be: AP Psychology, AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics, AP Statistics, Honors Java, etc.
I am confused whether I should stick with this program because it does give a 20% weight, and have many medical science courses. However, this limits the ability to take other AP courses, and I don’t know whether taking other AP courses would show colleges that I am diverse in my course selection. With this program , I am not allowed to take these AP courses due to scheduling conflicts.
Another question is whether this program will benefit me? This program was very selective and needed an application process, and I would like to know if this program will be beneficial to me in admissions for higher colleges because its a diverse program & many colleges are looking for diversity now?

Would I be in a better advantage keeping with this program, or should I take the normal high school route?

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  • SumDude

    Take lots of math. It trains the brain.

  • I think the program and courses will help you stand out to a staff shuffling through application papers all day. As long as you can get related APs like bio,chem, phys then you should be fine.

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