What involves the study of anatomy that is not medical?

What field has to do with the study of human anatomy that is NOT a medical person, but more a scientific career?

My cousin is looking for possible majors in college. She really likes studying human anatomy but does not want to be a doctor or nurse. Im looking for suggestions for her to major in and possibel careers.

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  • FireDawn

    I’m JUST like her! I don’t want to be a surgeon or someone like that, and I feel like – though the job would be tedious – a medical examiner (coroner) would be the best fit for her. Look into it!

  • BookGirl

    They can get into research if they want, or become an A&P teacher, but really, the whole purpose of anatomy classes is to memorize the names, locations, and functions of every type of tissue in the body. It’s not so much fun as a class you survive. 😛

    Careers Associated with Human Anatomy and Physiology (not medical) include:
    Acupuncturist, Allergist, Animal Health Technician, Animal Health Technician, Athletic Trainer, Audiologist, Biochemist, Biomedical Engineer, Coroner, Food and Drug Inspector, Genetic Counselor, Genetic Researcher, Microbiologist, Molecular Biologist, Physical Therapist, Psychiatrist, Veterinarian,

  • nothing, really – that you’ll find work.

    to correct the previous poster, you can not be a "medical examiner (coroner)" without a doctorate medical degree

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