What is a Children's Magazine for Human Anatomy articles?

I have written an article in the category of human anatomy and I am looking for a good children’s magazine to submit it to. Any help would be great thanks so much!

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  • Virginia

    A good resource for a writer is Writers Market. Go to your public library or university library and ask the librarian at the reference desk for the latest edition (for this year).

    Writers Market can tell you what the children’s literature markets are, who is buying what, and which are periodicals and which are book publishers. They tell where to find the publishers’ websites are so you can make sure your submission meets the proper criteria. Maybe the librarian can put you in touch with other children’s magazine authors, or you could read the children’s magazines for the publishers and contributors and contact them through the magazine. Magazines do publish their methods of submission or give contact information of their editors, et. al.

    Good luck!

    If possible, go to a writers group of children’s literature. That can help get you more ideas.

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