What is a good career for my interests?

I love elderly people and little kids. I love solving math problems and studying human anatomy. I am looking for careers that involve most of these characteristics. The more options the better.

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    Education and Childcare careers are always in high demand!

    Most child care workers who gain certification through education degree programs perform a combination of basic care and teaching duties, but the majority of their time is spent on care giving activities. Child care programs help children learn about trust and gain a sense of security. Helping keep young children healthy is an important part of the job, but they also have the job of educating and socializing the children.

    Young children learn mainly through play. Child care workers recognize this and capitalize on children’s play to:

    * introduce language development
    * improve social skills
    * introduce scientific concepts
    * introduce mathematical concepts
    * enhance artistic development

    Often a less structured approach is used to teach young children. Child care workers play a vital role in preparing children to build the skills they will need in school and society. Basic certifications for child care and education can be found through an online education degree. State certification for child education can be found through education degree programs at traditional universities.
    Salary Information

    Although the pay generally is moderate, more education usually means higher earnings per hour. Childcare
    Median = $8.50
    High = $12.00
    Education Requirements

    Primary education requires a four-year degree from an accredited university through an education degree program. Graduates are also required to pass a state certification exam prior to employment by a school district. Private schools operate differently, and most do not require educators to have state certification. Most private institutions require employees to hold an education degree to retain tenure.

    Child care employees have more localized requirements and certifications based on state standards. Certification requirements are lower for private care, and generally higher for certain publicly funded programs. Many child care workers can gain employment with a high school diploma and a simple certification program.
    Growth Statistics

    Qualified persons who are interested in this work should have little trouble finding and keeping a job. The number of women in the labor force of childbearing age and the number of children under 5 years of age are both expected to rise over the next 10 years. This means plenty of opportunities will arise for both licensed childcare providers and primary school teachers.

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