What is a good reference text for Human Anatomy and Physiology?

I need a reference textbook for human A/P. I am looking at Principles of Anatomy and Physiology by Sandra Reynolds Grabowski, Tortora. Any thoughts on this one, or better recommendations? I do not need a new edition.

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  • ahmed khamsa

    principles of human anaotomy for tortora
    10th edition

  • Bio Instructor

    I teach from Kenneth Saladin’s Anatomy and Physiology (the unity of form and function). It’s the 4th ed by McGraw Hill. It’s probably pricey since it’s a newer book- but the older editions are basically the same.
    The workbook that comes w/ Martini’s Fundamentals of Anatomy & physiology is awesome and has wonderful visuals from human cadavers. I use the 6th ed to reference from and it’s published by Pearson Benjamin Cummings.

  • sammi

    i used the ‘tortora’ one for my studies and i found really helpfull. i still use it now for reference. it has everything you could possibly need in it!!

    i even used it when my dad was ill and my friend to understand what was wrong with them and what could be done chances of survival etc. i would definately recomend TORTORA.

  • haroon877

    best ever standard reference text book for Anatomy is Gray`s Anatomy (i used 33rd edition ), you can Use
    RJ Last (short,a little difficult to understand ,but a great book!)
    For physiology go for Guyton ` s Physiology (very explainatory) and Ganong (short but great text a little tough )

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