What is ADHD

What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a group of symptoms to do with behaviour that include hyperactivity, impulsiveness and inattentiveness. It can occur in people of any intellectual ability but it is more common in people who have learning difficulties. They may also have additional problems to do with sleep and anxiety disorders.
ADHD is a behavioural disorder that affects about 8% to 10% of school-age children. Boys are about three times more likely than girls to be diagnosed with ADHD, but it’s not yet understood why. It is the most common behavioural disorder in the UK.
It’s not known how many people suffer from it in the UK given the estimates it is very common and boys are more likely to be diagnosed. When a girl has ADHD, they have a form of it where the main symptoms relate to problems with their attention span rather than hyperactivity, this can make the symptoms less noticeable.
This could mean that girls with ADHD can go undiagnosed and it could be more common than first thought.
Children who have been diagnosed with ADHD act without thinking, they are hyperactive, and have trouble focusing on daily tasks. They may understand what’s expected of them but have trouble following through because they can’t sit still or pay attention.
Of course, all kids act this way at times, particularly when they’re anxious or excited but this doesn’t necessarily mean they have ADHD. The difference with ADHD is that the symptoms are visible over a long period of time and occur in different settings. They impair a child’s ability to function socially, academically, and at home.

Some countries have virtually eradicated ADHD.

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