What is an appropriate level of prerequisites to take for acceptance into med school?

100 level General Chemistry vs. 300 level Quantitative Analysis?
100 level Principles of Animal Biology vs. 400 level Gross & Developmental Human Anatomy?

Requirements of one year of general biology, general chemistry, etc. is confusing. This is implying I can take 100 level classes and be accepted into med school???

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  • Diane A

    Its pretty doubtful that just several 100 level classes will make you competitive for med school. If med school requires bio chem for example; where I went, gen chem, quant and organic chem were are pre-reqs for bio chem; so even if med school doesn’t list them, you have to take them. Now, also keep in mind, you are competing with people far more advanced than 100 level classes, and those are the absolute MINIMUM requirements to get in. You also need more background to do well on the MCATs. So plan your classes with all that in mind.

  • RoaringMice

    The classes need to be those for science majors. But if that 100 level gen chem is the one that science majors would take, then yes, you can take it.

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