What is My Health Class


My  Health Class started some years ago while lecturing in health science in a college in N.Ireland. The purpose of the site is to be  a resource for Students and parents who are sourcing information  on  Medical and Psychological conditions that effect  Children,teenagers and young adults.   Information on issues that effect children and teenagers is added  by myself  weekly to give some insight into the causes ,the diagnosis and the steps to take with each condition.


My Health Class newsletter  is a newsletter that focuses on one condition at a time. Each week I upload articles that cover the different aspects and challenges associated with a medical condition. These articles are not medical hype but are based on research and fact. 


I have worked in the medical Industry for 10 years  in endoscopic surgery and have taught in the medical sciences for over 30 years. This has included teaching science and Biology  on a range of courses   including lecturing on Health science for 13 years in a college in N. Ireland

Since 2017 I have lived on the Costa del Sol in Spain and have built up an online Tutoring business in Biology.
If you are looking for Tutoring you can contact me here

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