What is oculocutaneous teleangiectasia?

It’s also known as:
cutaneous teleangiectasia
oculo-cutaneous teleangiectasia

And I don’t need to know what diseases it’s a symptom of, I’m only researching one disease and this is a symptom of it, but I don’t know what it is! Help!!! This is a huge research project for my Human Anatomy class and I have to know exactly what each symptom of Xeroderma pigmentosa is and I have to be able to describe it! And please don’t be a wise butt. This is worth half my grade.

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  • Lowcarber

    If we break both words down we get……….

    Of or relating to the eyes and skin.

    (medicine) Localized dilation of capillaries forming dark-red, wartlike elevations varying in size from about 1 to 7 millimeters

    So it sounds like it is a symptom of the eyes or skin depending on where the dilation of the capillaries are.

    Now as for the next part………

    Excessive or abnormal dryness of the skin, as in ichthyosis.

    This would lead me to think you are talking more about the skin than the eyes. Pigmentosa would refer to the colouring I would imagine of the dark red elevations??? Taking a guess here.

  • tbeckett98

    Oculocutaneous is a type of albinism.

    Teleangiectasia – visible enlargement of small blood vessels

    So…. I dunno?

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