What is the average salary for an archaeologist or paleontologist? Is it worth it?

Since I was little I could understand tons of dinosaur anatomy and latin names, but I was discouraged by my parents. Later at about age 11, I kind of got interested in paleontology and ancient civilizations. And now, I’m feeling for some travel in my future life? should I major in archaeology/paleontology? i can become travel sick very easily though, and geography definately isn’t my strong point. Also, I’m very strong in English/Language Arts, but unless I can become an author I wouldn’t get very near it.

Also, up until now, I was trying to get into the medical field, but now I realize that one: I’m mediocre, two: I don’t think I could handle working in a clinic or lab all day, and three: it was all my parents’ idea anyway. I am a bit interested in human anatomy, but I don’t think my skills will get me very far.
I’m also afraid of bugs…. does that matter?

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  • turd_of_misery

    The kind of work you are describing is not the kind of work that a person enters just to make a good living, but rather the kind of thing that one pursues out of a passion for it, with a hope that it will pay alright for the effort that you put into it. There are bound to be much more profitable (and boring) careers, but will you find one that you can put your heart into and receive as much joy from in return ? I doubt it, so I’d say go for it! I wish I’d done such things with my life.

  • Manita

    One thing I’ve learned is that you can have the best paying job in the world……. but if you hate it and your miserable there it’s not worth it…… Better to get payed less to do something you truly love to do than to get paid a little more to do something you hate.

  • Darkangel1111

    um try forensic pathology——-remember if your truly passionate about what you do—the money shouldnt be that important–within reason ofcourse,

  • thannan1986

    The answer before me was correct. This field is something must be passionate about, you cannot just pick it up at a wing. I have a degree in the field and even I learned the hard way that becoming an archaeologist is something you must be dead set on. It is a narrow field where there is no guarentees. A degree doesn’t get you a job, and if the field isnt large enough and you are not passionate about it, its not going to work. The average PHD programs can be nearly from 6 years to 9 years.

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