what is the best book about human anatomy?

I am a medical student and i want study more about anatomy.

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  • Most medical students that I know used Clinically Oriented Anatomy, including myself. It’s a great book, has many clinical correlates, has many illustrations that are more realistic than Netter’s.
    If you haven’t already had this book in your med school, I highly recommend it.
    It’s by Moore and Dalley

  • SWOLL68

    I’m a big fan of Gray’s Anatomy For Students. I’m in medical school and it’s really a good book. In fact, my anatomy teacher has pulled a lot of pictures from it for his powerpoint slides. People also like Netters, but I’ve personally never seen it.

    Also, if you’re looking to get flashcards, Netters are amazing.

  • The "best" anatomy text is a qualitative adjective at best. I can give you some insight and awareness on texts in anatomy. The DEFINITIVE anatomy text is the British version of Grey’s Anatomy(Warwick and Wiiliams) and also has a companion text Functional Neuroanatomy Of Man. Both from Saunders. The "experts" and best anatomists are truly from Britain! The American edition by Goss is quite inferior. An excellent correlative text with clinical applications is Moore’s Clinically Oriented Anatomy which uses illustrations from Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy. It’s also a good idea to get an atlas of Anatomy with pictures of actual dissections, CT, and MRI studies and cross sectional anatomy of cadavers such as McMinn. If you really get turned on with anatomical study and maybe research, talk to your anatomy department at your med school and maybe even take an elective in Surgical Anatomy where you do "mock" surgeries on your own(or shared with 1-2 other students)cadaver. Another good idea(in your spare time-haha!)is to go to the Pathology department and maybe assist in autopsies to see the differences in "fresh" versus fixed tissue. Good luck and bravo that you want to really learn your anatomy which will serve you well in all your future endeavors no matter what specialty you choose!

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  • Carmella

    Definitely Gray’s Anatomy for students. It’s helped me so much!

    Another resource I use is a set of 3D animated lessons that are pretty easy for quick searches and visualization. Also has quizzes to test yourself..etc I have a link for it here: http://tinyurl.com/animatedanatomy

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