What is the best way to remember what you read?

For school I am reading this science book on human anatomy. It is an in depth course and I am having a very difficult time remembering and understanding what I read. Even if I read the chapter two or three times, the small details that I am tested on just do not seem to stick.
My question is What are your study techniques?
I want to know what is the best way to remember what I read, the first time I read it. To sort of study, while I read it. So that when I actually study for the test I know the material well.

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    I’m in AP Biology and AP History so what I do is read different sections a day and take notes over each section so it doesn’t get mixed up. I also read aloud and memorize the vocab words.

  • Eflect E

    There are certain techniques like reading many examples of the word being used will help you remember it. According to the web site http://www.improvingvocabulary.org, making up your own examples can also improve your memory of words by 670%.

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