What is the difference between Biology major and Health science major?

I want to know. What do you do in major Biology major? Do you do dissection of animals?
In the health science major do you learn about the human anatomy? What is the difference? I can’t decide what major should I choose? I want to go in medicine become a doctor.

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  • Randy

    Biology means study of life. You will study all living organisms. because biology is broad, the biologists divided the study of living things into several branches and fields, thus you now have zoology and botany.

    Health science is a study in the human body’s physical structures, functions, diseases and general health problems and conditions. It encompasses fields such as anatomy (body parts forms) and physiology (body parts functions).

    In short, biology is broad and tackles living organisms while Human health is more specific and only covers the human body.

  • fosterslager1224

    If you’re wanting to study medicine, Health Science would be a better avenue to take. Biology will be a course that is (re)introduced to you in your Health Science curriculum. But if you’re wanting to be a MD, why not try finding a Pre-Med curriculum?

    Best of luck!

  • ownpool

    Dissection of dead animals is part of a biology major. Much of the work is done under a microscope. Biology is unquestionably an academic major which is good preparation for medical school.

    There are a wide variety of majors called health science. Some of them are vocational majors, rather than academic majors, particularly at community colleges. A pre-med major must be academic, not vocational.

    Human anatomy may be taken as an elective no matter what major is followed, if it is not part of the major.

  • Rodolfo De hoyos

    Health is the key to life and balance.

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