• Russell Tim

    Anatomy is its own specific biological discipline, whereas Human biology is much more general and all encompassing, taking in a range of biological disciplines.

    Anatomy could be described as the study of the structure of the human body. It helps when studying anatomy if you have good memory recall as you will commonly be expected to remember the names of numerous structures most of which have tricky latin names. It also helps if you can deal with blood/insides ect, as you may be expected to work with organs and even a cadaver (dead body). Having said that its actually really interesting and if you already have an interest in the structure of the body then youll probably like it.

    Check this out to see if you find it interesting;


    The advantage of human biology is you will get to do a range of subjects including things like genetics,human evolution,medical science ect, things that you might enjoy but wouldnt get to study otherwise if you were doing just anatomy.

  • I thought that biology was sort of everything, respiration and the other biological stuff, while anatomy was more the organs and bones and how they make up the body. However, I am probably wrong. You may want to try wikipedia or a dictionary, or just wait for the right answer to pop up.

  • Ivor G

    Anatomy is based on the what, where as human biology would include the how aswell.

    Anatomy is the study of the structure of the human body. Human Biology would comprise of studying physiology (the various processes in the human body)

  • guru de bande

    human biology is related to anatomy ,physiology,etc

  • Anatomy is about the structure of the body. Human biology examines the function of the body at a cellular level.

    Anatomy will teach you where the heart is and what it connects to. Biology will teach you how the heart muscle works.

  • Anatomy is where everything is:

    The foot bone con-nected to the (pause) leg-bone,
    The leg bone connected to the (‘) knee bone,
    The knee bone connected to the (‘) thigh bone,

    Biology is the study of life, it covers some anatomy but also covers stuff like biochemistry, evolution, genetics, aging, etc. So you see there’s more to biology than just anatomy. If you study anatomy you’re specialising in one area of biolgy, if you study biology you’ll still cover anatomy but not to the same depth.

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