What is the line between being very clever and being genius?

I know Einstein, Darwin etc are classed as genius

Q1- Would you also class Shakespeare,Beethoven and J.R.R Tolkein as genius as well in a creative way?

Q2- Would you class someone with a vast knowledge in astrology,world history,mythology,human anatomy.

and a creative mind inspired by music and art , they can listen to a piece of music or see a painting and instantly think of a novel and its characters, plot, set period and ending.

At the age of 17? Just very clever or potential genius?

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  • Mario

    The line between being clever and being genius is insanity.

  • Null Invader

    Clever is a person who can quickly adapt to most situations with relative easy, rapidly.
    Genius is someone who is highly intelligent, and well versed in his subject, so well versed, that he may now dictate new rules to that subject.

  • knowing that these labels mean nothing- different things to different people.
    it’s what you choose.

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