What is your favorite area in science and why?

My favorite area to study are biology and chemistry. I study about human anatomy, heredity and genetics, general chemistry knowledge, experimentation with powders and chemicals. It’s for Science Olympiad. Do you like biology, meteorolgy, chemistry, physics, etc?

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  • Lorelei

    I really enjoy molecular biology, because it’s so interdisciplinary. I can use the ideas from chemistry, biology, physics, and math to understand living organisms…really cool.

  • rockhererap

    My favorite is meteorology, I just think its the most interesting to me.

  • Jeremy

    Nonlinear Optics. It is relatively unexplored

  • Someone

    i like astrobiology/exobiology, the distribution of life in the universe, and where to look for extraterrestrial life in space.

  • suppy_sup

    I like astrophysics, astronomy, and cosmology a lot. I love studying the unkown. But I do a little bit of virology and physics! It’s great!

  • alickson a

    my favourite is earth and space cause there is a lot to learn about the planets how they came ot be and stuff like that

  • Greed_2.0

    Proctology – learn something new every day.

  • Brandi

    I am into agriculture, so I like meteorology, entomology, botany, agronomy, and the like that are associated with it.

  • kano7_1985

    Palaeontology = dinosaurs

  • babystorm79

    Physics, I never stop learning something new but lately I have an interest in Metalology

  • Medicine, because its many sciences in one, even social.

  • djddan

    Botany. Because I like to go outside and identify trees (dendrology) and also to identify weeds. So far I’ve identified pokeweed, quackgrass, pigweed, gooseweed, silver maple, pin oak, American basswood, northern red oak, honeylocust, European linden, and a few others all in my immediate neighborhood. It’s fun.

  • morpheus


    biology holds the key

    to defeat the aging process

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