What job can I get with my Associate of Science?

I recently graduated at a community college, and having a hard time looking for a job. However i did take classes similar to the nursing field just didn’t finish the CNA program. :/ I did good in my Human anatomy, Medical Terminology. I just did my generals in college. Or do you think it would be best i go get my bachelors in something? ehhh i don’t know what to do next now that 2yrs of college is done.. what next?

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  • Tiondra F

    Hey I’m in the same position. If you do decide to continue looking for a job ( Because of your experience in health care field) try looking for work as a Patient Care technician,Patient Services Representative, Mental Health Associate/Technician, Medical Office Secretary/Clerk, Family Services Representative. Medical FIle Clerk….etc it’s amazing how many jobs your qualified for with little experience and a basic command of medical terminology…its also doesn’t hurt to speak spanish either.
    you could just finish your bachelors and intern and then worry about trying to find a job…maybe the economy will be better in 2 more years? x__x ( who knows?)

  • kittie0054

    you could work as a house keeper at a hospital, or even a manager at a fast food restaurant, and you can perform these jobs, and save money while you earn a BS, or as what the real world calls it, "The degree that matters"

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