What kinds of things specifically do you learn in anatomy and physiology 1?

I’m enrolled for human anatomy and physiology 1
What am I going to be learning about SPECIFICALLY
like..the heart, the brain? what do they usually start with? the skeletal system?

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  • Diane A

    You learn about everything–it would be easier to look at a textbook then try & explain. What they start with is entirely up to the instructor.

  • Dolphino

    Try to get in touch with the lecturer to get the recommended reading list and
    syllabus for your courses.

  • Happyface

    I haven’t taken that course in college yet, but in highschool I took a Comparative Anatomy & Physiology class. We learned about the skeletal system, different body systems (endocrine, excretory, cardiovascular, etc), did some animal & fish dissections, and learned about organs (brain, lungs, heart). We started out with the skeleton.

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