What new organ systems would an alien on pluto have?

I’m doing a project for my human anatomy class and we have to draw an alien and write an essay on his surroundings, and create 3 new organ systems and use 5 existing systems. What are 3 new systems you’d make him have? (I already chose to give him a light making system and a heat making system, what else?)

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  • Doom Shepherd

    What’s he eat? Maybe methane in the ice? Needs a melting system and a digestion system for that.

  • ▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ►Chris M◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌

    He would have a lot of blubber. He might have something where he doesn’t need much food or water.

  • SpaceBoy360*

    A large brain without a skull (unprotected), tiny holes throughout the body as to release methane gases, three legs as to make it as a tripod.

  • Willian

    Something that improves movement in low gravity conditions, well… that would be either by a very high weight or by having something that is either aerodynamic or something that attaches him to the floor …

  • Saturn

    That project is ridiculous! How is anyone suppost to determine if an alien (a.k.a Possibly non-existent life form beyond earth) would have any extra organ systems. Although I do credit you for being very creative with not only putting up with it, but creating logical ones such as a light and heat producing system.

    If I had to help you finish the third system, I would say an oxygen system, to give him an aura of air to breathe. Although all of it is really fictitious, and hypothetical.

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