What other classes are related to human anatomy?

I would like to know the names of classes that i can take for college next year dealing with the health of humans, and all that good stuff. =]

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  • Physiology, Neurobiology, Pathology, Endocrinology, Human Biology, Immunology, Reproductive Physiology, Neural Systems

  • Pathology, Physiology, Bio-Chemistry, Histology

  • Rohan.

    Well every school is different but from each department at my school here are some courses (maybe you have similar ones)

    Human Physiology
    Human Osteology (sometimes in Anthropology department)
    Medical Microbiology
    Human Genetics
    Human Evolution (sometimes cross-listed with anthropology department)
    Cancer Biology

    Health Science:
    Cross Cultural Aspects of Health and Disease
    Communicable Disease Control

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