What part of the Constitution grants the right to justices to deem fake marriages real marriage?

What about father and daughter marrying? Is that also granted in the constitution? Perhaps to a radical libertarian but this country was founded on Christian/biblical morals. In the bible marriage was instituted by God between 1 man and 1 woman.

Okay let’s set all that aside for now. Why do you consider homosexuality normal? Regardless of why they can stomach that sort of behavior, should society look upon aberrant behavior as anything other then that? Why should it be legitimized, celebrated, legalized, even tolerated??? I’m still waiting for one person on planet earth to tell me why, AT BEST, and that’s making the false assumption that people are born that way, it shouldn’t be considered a genetic defect.

Human sexuality is somewhat malleable. Two male children who grow up on an island with 2 gay men may very well consider gay sex normal. But a cursory analysis of human anatomy just might cause someone to think otherwise.

And don’t talk about love an a legitimizing factor. Love is supposed to be for a lifetime and we all know how promiscuous homos are.

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  • helpinggene

    Nobody should be having sex with themselves, anyone, or anything. Unless they want to have a baby in a lawful God like marriage between a man and woman., and be financially stable.

    Your right they are fake marriages not in the constitution. I will add, they are fake alternative marriages. What is next?

  • Jedediah

    Why does everyone assume that gay marriage will lead to incest and zoophilia? That isn’t at all what gay marriage is about, and homosexuals aren’t any more "promiscuous" than heterosexuals.
    I’m heterosexual, but come on, they’re normal people as well.

  • PoBoy

    You mean like Rush’s 4th marriage or the Newt’s "open marriage?" I agree, they belong in jail.

  • tonalc2

    God, why do you people immediately go to incest, pedophilia and animal sex?

    The Supremes struck down the aspects of DOMA that denied federal benefits to married couples in those states where it is legal. It’s about states’ rights; I’d think you’d be all about that.

    "Love is supposed to be for a lifetime." Perhaps you are unaware that the plaintiff against DOMA had been with her partner for 42 years.

    And the couples who were the Prop 8 plaintiffs: Paul and Jeff have been together for over twelve years, and Kris and Sandy have been together 14 years and have four children.

  • tham153

    I had an aunt who met her gay lover in college. They were together for over four decades until her lover died. The idea that marriage has to be one man one women is unhistorical nonsense. Both polyandry and polygamy were widely practiced in the past, and polygamy still is. Homosexual behavior has been noted in over 200 animal species, so it seems to be pretty natural.
    The USA explicitly was not founded on Christianity, as stated by John Adams, second President of the USA and a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 as well as a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

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