What should I get my granddaughter for christmas? Please help?

She’s 14 years old. She’s a girly-girl; likes to do her hair and nails. She loves fashion/clothes, and shopping. But she is also very intrested in human anatomy. Any ideas?? All answers are appreciated.

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  • stargirl796

    Gift Card to a clothing store (my 14 year old god-sister likes to shop at Aeorpostale, Forever 21, Wet Seal, Oldnavy)

    Hair Accessories like Head Bands, Clips, Elastics, etc

    Nail Polish and Makeup

    Books (my 14 year old god-sister loves The Clique Series and The Twilight Series)

    Cute Purse and Wallet to go with it

    Bath and Body Works Type things


  • David Ramirez

    give her a shopping gift card from a store that she loves to go to….:)

  • Jojo.lies

    That’s easy then 🙂
    If you know her sizes (shoes, shirts, pants) you could get her a cute outfit that you know she’ll like (since shes a girly-girl, you already have something to orientate after, and also, you could use other info like her fave color, etc)

    Or you could get her a set of nailpolishes&nailstickers 🙂
    the OPI ones are the best, get her a few and some makeup, like eyeshadows, but not heavy tones, some baby pink lipgloss (like the lip plumper from Victoria’s Secret) and stuff like that.

    Or even a nice perfume that you think she’d like 🙂
    She’s girly so it must be easy
    Human anatomy? I could suggest buying her a book but that’d be a boring present (at least for me XD)

    Hope I helped!

  • i love life

    I would suggest a voucher to her favourite shop or local shopping centre

  • Alina Ricci

    Recently, while I was shopping, I saw a kit called spa science, where you could make you own body wash, lip gloss or soap, using chemicals….. I know she likes human anatomy, but this is really the closest thing I could find. Sorry:(

  • Goldensrock1805

    Aero gift cards are always great. You could get her a salon gift card and have her get a mani/pedi with one of her friends. And maybe a science kit.

  • jessicas

    Okay well I’m 14 too. My parents got me a scrap-booking kit for Christmas cause its what I asked for. Does she take a lot of photos? Is she the kind of girl who wants to remember every minute of her life? One day while y’all are talking, ask her what she would like for Christmas, and just start asking about some random things you think she would like

  • Sasuke.lelouch

    Hm, if she likes doing her nails then get her a really cute and girly nail set. Fashion and clothes, if you know her size then you can go shop for really cute pieces for her in shops that she loves to shop in. Human anatomy… That is an interesting… interest. Maybe a book or a science kit would do.

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