What should my college major be if I'm really interested in Human Anatomy?

I guess a major that’s not simply titled human anatomy, I don’t see many colleges with that listed as a major…

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  • Cochise

    Anatomy is usually a course or two in a larger program such as physiology, physical therapy, or even mortuary science.

    Go to one of the free online services, put in your personal information and your state, and choose among the majors that come up when you list physiology.

    Good sources include:


  • William Henderson

    Depending on your college your major or professional course (pre-pharm, pre-med, pre-dent like) can determine if you can even take a human anatomy lab. I know at my old university (OU) they wouldnt let you take that unless you were in the nursing program or some others, cause cadavers are so expensive and rare that they dont want to just let anyone take the class.

    If you like taxonomy and homology and dealing with phylogenetics then you might want to focus on a straight biology or zoology degree (but outside of teaching there are not many uses with a B.S. in this, trust me, unless you go into a Md/nurse/dental/pharmacy type school after)

  • matt m-h

    Try to go with a Biology major.

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