What topics are mostly given in college entrance exams?

I have no intention in asking what questions are to be asked, but mostly what topics are to be given. Like the human anatomy, parabolas, all about Shakespeare, biology, trigonometric functions and stuff.. So please help me, our college entrance exam is tomorrow, and I’m so pressured I can’t concentrate on what to study… 🙂 and if this is considered as cheating please tell me, I’ll delete this question right away..

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  • EngProf

    Just get some sleep and don’t worry about studying at this late point. Research indicates that cramming the night before simply does more harm than good, so relax, watch a movie if you can’t sleep, and get a good night’s rest if you can.

    Depending on the test (usually math, reading, writing), whatever you already know is what will pull you through, not what you can cram into an all-nighter.

    You’ll be FINE!

  • Bryanna

    It’s all math, reading, sentence skills, etc.
    Nothing too deep.
    It’s more important to be well rested.

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