• Probably a lot of social studies classes so you can learn more about the world, it’s cultures, and our history. Also another person here had a point; it depends on what career you want to have once you’re finished.

  • michiefs531

    That all depends on what you want to be in the marines. Special ops would require skills in their particular area (I.E. A satellite tracking and monitoring person would want computer knowledge.) As a general guideline, take heavy math and science courses. Lit is not so important in the Marine Corps as far as I know…

  • stripedspider

    Gym, and Home-ec. I’m being serious. They’re very picky about properly ironed uniforms. Gym, because they’re also very picky about fitness. Maybe some kind of shop class, to help with mechanical skills because they expect you to take care of your own equipment.

  • Simon Templar

    if you want to be an officer you will need the usual, English , science math, History would be good particularly ancient as it usually deals with the military and the battles.

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