What's something in human anatomy that starts with a 'Z'?

I have to do an ABC Book for my science class and I can’t find anything about human anatomy that starts with a Z. It has to be appropiate for seventh grade science. Could you please help me?
Give something that would actually help.

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  • di2daana

    z discs
    zona fasciculata
    zygomatic bone
    zygomaticus muscles
    zygote =) ha
    zymogenic (chief) cells

  • Truth Seeker

    When my face gets oily, I get ZITS !

  • Sheepdog

    Zygomatic arch.

  • agent_nineteen

    uhhhh, how ’bout a zygot? It’s another word for a baby that hasn’t been born yet. Does that work?

  • Nairbgnik

    Z-ribs designed by God

    or maybe… the Zbone….it is in the leg somewhere

  • zyphoid process

  • jagnet319

    Zonule of Zinn

  • kettleonedirty

    Zygomatic bone
    Includes zygomatic arch and a bunch of related parts all starting with ‘zygomatic’

  • ottawa700

    Nothing specifically, but if you’re looking for something to fill in the "Z" category, or something controversial, then "Zygote"

  • Zygote

    [see source below]

    Don’t know anything about 7th grade science, sorry. Try a search: Gray’s Anatomy + medical sourcebook

  • Sabrina

    Jake—sorry dude, it is xiphoid process. It only sounds like a z.

  • MamaCat

    zygomatic bone–there are two on the skull–on the outside of the eye socket.

  • Katie W

    the only thing I can think of is zinc, a mineral that the body needs, so I would assume it is part of the human anatomy somewhere.
    also, in the dictionary is zygote, meaning the cell formed by the union of two gametes, the first cell of a new indvidual.–does that count?

  • Baby G


  • xjustdizzyx

    zygoma- the cheek bone!

    I’m not kidding either! LOL

  • firespider

    The zyphoid located right in between the base of the rib cage.

    You learn about it in CPR classes when they teach you how to do the Heimlich maneuver.

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