What's the best way learn human anatomy & physiology?

Some of these books i’ve looked at are a bit confusing.
Franny Bananny, Medical schools frown on a & p from community college.

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  • AbeLincolnParty

    Take your time, spend a whole year on the text, then when your done, start over. Do not try to memorize every muscle or bone until you cover the big picture.

    Supplement your study with reading topics from the Merck Manual (now free online) and getting a cheap used pharmacology text. Learning how drugs work is the best way to review and extend your knowledge of physiology.

    But, you can only go so far in understanding anatomy (and physiology) without getting into an anatomy lab with a human to take apart, but you might look up MRI scans, that would be a good close second.

    The anatomy background of most of us pharmacists is limited, we understand physiology better, but that is still limited due to lacking a proper background in anatomy.

  • Franny Bananny

    Try a local community college to see if they offer a class. Most classes will have a dissection lab with them, and then you can learn by actually seeing.

  • Luke Reas

    Just relate it to your self.

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