What's the best way to study for a human anatomy test in a week?

I haven’t really been studying anatomy this semester but I need to pass it before I’m promoted to the next semester but I only have a week left to study. Main problem is, I have to start from scratch because I can’t even label muscles and say their attachments and functions. Please help!

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  • Im sorry, but anatomy is something you have to study every day.

  • larina

    you probably dont have one, but an anatomical dummy would help alot. when i did this, it helped so much to see in 3d what i was going on about.
    failing that, look for a REALLY good anatamy book,and ask help from ppl for tutoring. having somebody who’s already done the exam explain the potential questions to you and how to answer them helps.
    dont bother with things you know wont be on the exam ,only work on what will, even if that is the more advances stuff,as you dont have time to start from the beggining.
    dont panic
    write down a list of all the termanology you will need to know first, as thats the hardest part to learn, other things you can figure out, but scientific names ect, you have to know.
    thats all i can think of for now. good luck!

  • sorry too. we’re in the same boat. but, this is my 1st block exam. and i have another 3 blocks to finish this 1st year. i find that key to success in anatomy is just by doing daily revision and memorizing. hope i’ll do better next block and u too. i’ve learnt a lot in this 1st block and wouldnt repeat the same mistake nx time. btw, try mnemonics. that’s work a lil bit 4 me 4 last minute revision. try http://www.medicalmnemonics.com

  • when your reading try to look at the diagrams they make you appreciate all the attachments and others which you may not have read(u can use an atlas),reading added to visualizing helps you remember easily than trying to imagine structures in fact it saves time ,i did it and it worked please just start now because you have no time…..bye

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