What's the difference between these anatomy classes?

I have to pick either one but is one harder or more time consuming than the other?

Applied Human Anatomy & Physiology I
Anatomy & Physiology I

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  • Here is the description of Human Anatomy & Physiology I

    "Study of structure and function of the human body. Molecular, cellular function, histology, integumentary system, skeletal system, muscular system, nervous system, and the sense organs. Not available for credit toward a degree in biology." (www.uakron.edu)

    I looked up the course description for the Applied human anatomy & physiology and it gave me the exact same thing.

    I think the difference is one has the word applied and the other doesn’t. I guess if you really wanted to know you could stop by your local biology department at your college and stop in and ask one of the professors there.


  • djaca70

    How about looking each up in the college catalog, or asking your adviser. Keep in mind, you may need one over the other for degree requirements.

  • I would assume that Applied Human Anatomy & Physiology is more hands on or the name of the lab for Anatomy & Physiology I.

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