What's the highest grade I could get if I do well on my next exams?

I current have 68% in my human anatomy class. There are two exams left, and lets say I get B on both exam. What’s the highest grade I would get? Would I past the 74% mark?

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  • Betty

    It depends on the grade equivalence system followed by your school. Typical values for percentile equivalent of a "B" grade are between 73-76% (B+ is 77-79% while B- is 70-72%). If your school has a different grading system range then the calculations will vary.

    So, based on the above ranges, if you’ve got 68% in anatomy & physiology and get a B in your other two exams then your expected highest average will be 71-73% — which is a B-minus overall — though with a bit of luck you might "almost" make it to B.

  • Bambie

    You might pass over 74 % if you do well on the test, so i am not sure.

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