Where can I find a study on the average bra size of women according to their nationality and/or country?

I have searched the internet looking for facts on this subject and I can’t seem to find anything. This study is for a master’s thesis paper on physical characterisics of human anatomy and sexuality. It is not a joke so please no stupid answers. Also, no pornography sites please. I am a mature adult so sites with nudity are fine as long as they are serious. Please give website where facts were found if possible so that I can refrence them in my paper. Thanks!

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  • Taranto

    Your internet searching skills need to be honed — because I typed in "Average breast size per country" into Google & found the following. Look for The Penguin Atlas of Human Sexual Behavior.

    I’ll resist my urge to offer to help if you want to do a new study.

  • c.arsenault

    OK, here’s a freebie . . . try sales reports from dept store or lingerie shops. . . . .

    Good luck

  • connie_mspt

    I doubt this info has been collected officially if at all. You may want to use the word "anthropometric" in your search if you have not previously. Also, you may want to visit brashop.com to see if the ladies there may be able to help you. I used to fit and sell bras. If I can be of any further help let me know.

  • Steve P

    I would serach for sales stats for the womens apparel industry in different regions of the world. I don’t think you would find this info as demographic data in any government census.

  • dawn f

    Is this going to govt funded just as the study of cattle flactulence?Grab the girly magazines and take care of your problem.Its seems billy bob has asked this question now three times and since he didnt like my answer has decided to send insulting emails to me and calls me a moron..,think he had better look in a mirror.

  • LarrySF

    I assume that your research is on women who live in industrialized countries only? Because most women in most third world countries either don’t wear bras, or they wear ones they make themselves.

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