Which book will be best for drawing human anatomy?

As a Christmas gift, I’m getting my friend a book on drawing human anatomy. He’s a BIG artist and is really craving for something about the body. So far, I’ve looked at
Sketching People: Life Drawing Basics by Jeff Mellem and Constructive Anatomy by George Brant Bridgman.

I don’t want to drop a ton of cash on this, but I don’t want to buy something cheap and not helpful. Please give me insight on which one of these is best, or if there’s a different book I should go for.

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  • Diabolical Minds

    Hogarth is nice, and some GREAT artists learned anatomy solely through him, but I find his descriptions a little tiresome and his drafts too stylized.

    I personally find that Andrew Loomis is fantastic to learn from. He’s concise and his drawings are symplified. Great book to start with….if you can find one. His books are hard to get a hold of but if you find a somewhat cheap art book of his, get it. It’s available free online so maybe you should just mention that to him, but get him something else.

    Bridgman is also VERY good but he goes more in depth and his books are widely available. I’d recommend Complete Guide to Drawing from Life. Really, any of his books are good, just steer away from Dover publications because their scans of his art are shitty. Human Machine + Constructive Anatomy make a good combo to learn from.

    The last book I can think of that I always rely on is Artistic Anatomy by Paul Richer. I’m fairly sure it’s inexpensive for the content and it’s good too.

    Conclusion: I’d go with Bridgman or Richer. Constructive Anatomy or Artistic Anatomy. Liking Hogarth really depends on the individual, and Loomis is too expensive and unavailable. All are good though.

  • Bobby D

    my buddy who’s a graphic designer gave me this book a while ago, said its a classic :


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  • Studio 126

    My book list is at http://playscale-poser.u.yuku.com/bloggy/post/pid/1272

    I also use 12" GI Joes & artiBabses [articulated Barbies] for help with faces.

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